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Action Athletics All Star Cheer Class

Class Policies

Classes are based on a per month basis. Although the number of class days per month may vary, your tuition has been calculated to average out over the course of the year. When enrolling, you are automatically enrolled and responsible for payment through April 2017 unless a withdrawal is given via our iClasspro Class management software by the 20th of the preceding month (i.e., if you want to withdraw for the month of May, you must withdrawal by April 20th. NO Exceptions.)

Make-up policy—Open Gym; Only 1 makeup per month is allowed.

Class Structure
  • Class instruction is based on a 9:1 ratio (excluding conditioning & dance classes).
  • There must be 3 athletes registered for a class prior to commencement.
  • Dance technique classes are unlimited class attendance per session.
Class Fees
  • 60 minute class (non-All Star Athlete): $70 per month
  • 60 minute class (All-Star Athlete): $35 per month
  • Drop-in Class (any athlete): $20 per class
Participation Requirements
  • 2018–19 Annual Registration Fee (MAY 1, 2018–APRIL 30, 2019)—$45 per athlete
  • Signed release form

Private Lessons

Action Athletics All Star Cheer Private Lesson

Reasons for Private Lessons

One-on-one lessons are often the fastest, most effective way to improve your skills. Our staff instructors will work with athletes of every ability level and provide custom instruction in all areas of cheer whether it is tumbling, jumping, stunting, or getting ready for your school try-out.

Types of Private lessons
  • Private—1 athlete
  • Semi-private—2 to 3 athletes
  • Small group—more than 3 athletes

Typical cost for a half-hour private lesson is $35–40.

Participation Requirements
  • 2017–18 Annual Registration Fee (MAY 1, 2017–APRIL 30, 2018)—$45 per athlete
  • Signed release form

Squad Lessons/Team Training

Action Athletics All Star Cheer Team Lesson

Action Athletics is proud to work with several of the local school teams to improve their skills. We can customize a program to your squad's needs, whether your team is mostly brand-new beginners or a perennial powerhouse.

Call 425-401-8501 or email info@actioncheer.com for more information.

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